Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Purpose of My Blog - and 'Hello World'

Well now. I'm making some attempt to keep up with the modern world.

A few months ago I signed up to 'Flickr'. At first, my plan was merely to archive all my photos off-site, but I quickly discovered the pleasure of sharing and meeting others with similar interests. This in turn led to me posting increasingly long and sometimes only marginally relevant comments at the bottom of my own photos, in response to the kind remarks of others. In some cases, people have been curious about my techniques in connection with hobbies such as woodworking or card-making. It seemed to me inappropriate to enter into a long dissertation in the 'photo comment' format, so I felt a need for someplace like this where I can talk to (and listen to) friends (and relatives) around the world. So here I am.

This is beginning to cut into my painting time, so I will sign off. I look forward to exchanging news and views with my Flickr friends, and, who knows? maybe

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